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We have entered an era of youth baseball that in  our mind is almost unrecognizable. Middle school kids announcing college commitments on a live website feed, organizations buying and bidding for 13 year olds across the country, and rankings that are created to drive subscriptions for money! IN CONTRAST, THE BEST COMPLIMENT WE CAN GIVE IS THAT A PLAYER IS A GREAT TEAMMATE!!

NorCal Baseball is not old school. Baseball is baseball. What has changed is the direction the game is going at the amateur level- and it’s driven by people and groups that don’t have the best interest of the player. THERE’S PLENTY OF JUNK OUT THERE AND WE WANT PEOPLE TO BE ABLE TO DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE!

Mission Statement

It is our mission to create an environment for young athletes to achieve their dreams of playing college and professional baseball. We also believe that through the game of baseball we can build character and determination that will be an asset to our players, not only for the game, but for life. 

NorCal Baseball is a tradition that was established in 1992 with one 15 year old team. That team won the 15U AAU National Championship and started the run of success on and off the field. Players like PatBurrell, Jimmy Rollins, Xavier Nady, and Dontrelle Willis anchored those early teams and set the tone of success for the present teams. 

It is up to those present players and teams to extend the legacy steeped in tradition. The work ethic created by those early players was exemplary. The fact that they cared enough to pass it on to the next generation of players was even more impressive. That work ethic and style of play is the reason we have a  national reputation of playing the game “the right way”. It is a legacy worth perpetuating.


We will never be a program that has numerous “franchises” throughout the region or country. That might be fine for others but we want to know every player in our program. We are ONE PROGRAM. A major part of baseball is the lessons that are taught. That would include development, playing for your brothers, and sacrificing self for team. These are life lessons. When a player learns these lessons, they also develop as a player. IT’S EASIER TO PLAY FOR YOUR BROTHERS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF EACH MONTH!

We are about team first and don’t buy into rankings and false hype. The only rankings that matter are the college that signs you and the pro team that drafts you. The “exposure” will happen organically. Oh btw, we just had our 51st player commit/sign to a four year school from the 2022 class with a few more to go. 


We are looking for “OKG” (Our Kind of Guys). We want players and families that want to be part of a special legacy. We are looking for the next Jimmy Rollins, Troy Tulowitzki, Tyson and Joe Ross, Dustin Pedroia, Joc Pederson, or Brandon Crawford. These guys were special on and off the field.